True Purpose of Knowledge {Work in progress}

Most important fact I want to stress out here in this very blog is the importance of knowledge.

So let’s have a look how knowledge itself actually works.

We all have tendencies to have exaggerated expectations when it comes to knowledge. We expect knowledge to be ultimate. But that really not how knowledge works. What we can actually achieve is a specific level of knowledge about something at the specific time. Depending on the level of the knowledge we can achieve different levels of advantages or practical implications that come with it. And that is, simply said the point of knowledge, to begin with.

What I like to do is use Newton/Einstein example to show you what I actually mean. Newton and Einstein have studied a same subject of physics for a while. And there is this notion that Einstein actually proved Newton being wrong because they both came up with different theories and conclusions. So let’s have look at that. Newton was the first who put the existence of gravity law on paper. All the particles in the universe attract each other based on their mass and distance. And he put this law into a mathematical equation. It was the highest available knowledge about gravity up to that date. But as it turned out it was unable to operate outside of the range of the earth where there are more forces in operation. There comes Einstein’s theory of relativity which enables us to do mathematical operations even in high speeds or high gravitational fields. The point is the notion that once scientifically proven theories will be disproven in future by new findings is wrong.  Mathematical equations which once worked are not going to stop working just because of new discoveries. What merely happens is we are able to fill in the gaps in already existing theories or update them, adjust them to be more precise but basis of the law in nature stays the same. So even though the Einstein theory of basic relativity is more advanced than newtons equations. At Newtons era we were still fully capable of using his equations to help us improve quality of life all around the globe as we do today. And that is the point of the knowledge. It doesn’t matter how far we are in understanding something, what matters is the practical advantages the knowledge brings right now. 

So to all of you who do not support the idea of science because you think it doesn’t work or it is not precise enough think again. Scientific knowledge is all we got when it comes to true real understanding what universe is and how it operates.

In this blog, I will talk about many topics and I always try to find the connection of the topic to the scientific facts available right now. Does that make my findings infinite and ultimate? Of course not. There is no such a thing as the ultimate or infinite answer. Everything is merely a stepping stone of knowledge which either helps us improve quality of our lives today and works as a basis for more accurate knowledge which will allow us to achieve even more blissful life in the future.


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