Accept Death {Work in Progress}

One of the first things you can do in life to achieve more deeper and profound state of happiness is to truly and honestly accept death.

Death is a problem in the western world. We act like it doesn’t exist like it’s a disease. We try to do anything within our powers to stop thinking about it. And we hope secretly if we don’t think about it, it will never happen.

I am not trying to force here any ideas of what happens after we die. Because the truth is nobody knows. Not me. Nor you. Or nobody else. What I want you to accept is that there is fair chance that all this ends by death.And that we have limited time here. But that is what makes it special.

If you do not accept death as part of life, you can never truly understand what a beautiful gift life is. Look at the pictures of your ancestors which are not here anymore with us. They look exactly like us. They lived, they had passions, dreams. But now they are gone, only a dust, transformed energy. But if they could speak to us right now, they would say to us: “Live your life to the fullest. Make each moment count. Memento Mori. Capre Diem. Seize the day. Life is precious. Because it ends one day. And things you will regret at the end of your life is not things you did, but things you haven’t done within given timeframe you got here.

Let this be your chance to live your life without fear, without hesitation, not wasting a single second on something you truly don’t want to do. You just realized, how truly precious your time is.

Death is your best friend. You just don’t know it yet. Death loves you.It waits for you behind every corner. Lookin after you making sure that you truly live.

What we do when we think about death is, it paralyzes us. It makes us feel uncomfortable. What I want you to do is breathe this feeling in for as much as it is possible and let the idea of death sink with you. Let it be part of your everyday experience. You have to stay with your feelings about death. Don’t try to push them away into the subconscious. Stay with them. Embrace them. Once you do this, anxiety and fear will slowly melt into pure enjoyment of every precious moment.

And once you lived the life enjoying your every second for way too long. It wants to give you a chance to let go. To let go of everything. Once the time comes. It gives you to be free in your choice to stop living. If the only thing you could do is to survive, you would be trapped here. With no way of escaping. That would be a true hell on earth. Death has to exist as part of free will we are given.

Now you actually have a choice to leave, if you so desire.

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