Causality Law {Work in Progress}

Causality law or in other words law of cause and effect. My first profound deep understanding of the world which put me on my whole scientific journey was a discovery of Cause and Effect law in nature. The very fact that absolutely everything in the universe with no exception at all obeys the causality law is the most fascinating thing to me and also the very foundation of the existence of science in my opinion.

Understanding of causality law is a mother of all knowledge. Without this profound baseline, there is no moving forward. People who don’t understand the science, usually just don’t see connections between causes and effects in their lives.

Everything around you is a result of causality law in operation. Absolutely everything. And that is just amazing. It’s the most fundamental law of physics ever known.

To have a scientific point of view means to see connections between events in the world around you. One of the biggest misconceptions about the world is the idea that events happening around us are just somehow random. There is no randomness in the world so to speak. Not in the sense that there is anything in existence which has no origin. This whole notion of all the events being effects of some kind is a little bit boring for some people. But that doesn’t change the fact that causality law is a real law of the universe. The fact why it gets boring for some is because it directly implies the fact that everything could be known and understood by us. The idea the of knowing everything although totally absurd scares the hell out us. It would mean total boredom in life knowing everything and all. Fortunately, nobody lives long enough to know everything. Or maybe it would be fun I don’t know. But sure do love mysteries. The idea that something could be in fact so much better than our expectations keeps us going in life. But then we should really learn to accept the things in life the way they really are.

We feel like once we know everything, there is no reason for us to be here anymore. But is that so? No, not at all. You could still enjoy all the beauties and enjoyments of life. Even though this is totally hypothetical thinking and not very likely.

So science is a summary of things we objectively know about this universe, our planet and life itself.

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