Charles Darwin {Work in Progress}

One of the most underrated and unappreciated scientists which don’t get the credit they really deserve when it comes to discoveries that ultimately change our life is Charles Darwin. His discoveries have huge implications and it’s a baseline of understanding how our world really works from the biological point of view.

My problem is if you really want to understand who we really are as human beings and so on and so forth you need to start here with teachings of Charles Darwin himself who can explain to you how did we get to where we are right now, step by step.

But people stopped there. There is so much more to discover based on his findings.

I started to look at the world from the evolutionary point of view. How our any characteristic as a human being came into existence from the evolutonary point of view and everything, I mean absolutely everything had fit into its place. All of sudden everything makes sense. You can explain our every trait we possess and find a reason why it exists to keep us alive.

Anything you do on a regular everyday basis can be explained from a position of our biological evolutionary programming.

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