How to actually help people {Work in Progress}

A lot of people are really unsure about whether they should or how to actually help people around them. Of course, we do want help others, we know it. We want to be part of the world in which all take care of each other. So we need to help to create that world by our own actions first right?

Now. In this post, I am not going to refer to the idea when somebody is in danger of life. In that particular scenario, we should always help each other no matter what and I have nothing to add to that topic, but what I want to talk about here is more casual scenarios in which people are in need of something which would allow them to keep the living standards on the acceptable and dignified level.

So how you do it? How much is not enough and how much is too much? And what does it mean to really help someone?

So in my humble opinion to help people means to improve quality of their life. If possible let’s make it a long-term improvement right? We don’t want them to be better right now so they can struggle later. What I am trying to pinpoint here is the notion here that helping means to give a person what he needs right now. And to some extent yes…


What you are actually doing by giving other people stuff they need on instant is you just make them more dependable on the others. So from my point of view true and honest help to another person is not giving them what they need, but more important is to teach them how can they obtain it by themselves. This knowledge will always have far more value than giving things. So what I am trying to say is when there is an opportunity to help someone around me the idea of me giving needed stuff directly is an absolutely last resort of my actions. What I do instead is I try to point in the direction so they can solve their situation by themselves. They just haven’t think about the situation long enough or deep enough. So my help in this particular scenario would be in form of know-how about critical thinking and teaching about problem-solving mindset.

Once more, you don’t want to teach people co-dependence by giving the stuff. What you want to do, is to help people be more independent.

This whole idea of creating a world where helping others is built in feature can turn into something amazingly beautiful. Always help when you can, sends an underlying message to the world. The message says: We are creating a society in which if something happens to you, you will be helped. But everyone has to participate to make it work.

People around the world are sometimes really unsure about this. They feel like they don’t want to do things for others because it is important to think about yourself. That is perfectly fine. What I am trying to say here is even if you unsure about your motives to help people.

So I say its fine. Be selfish. There’s totally nothing wrong with that. It is perfectly fine to help people for purely selfish reasons. You can help people in order to make yourself sure that you will be helped when needed. And that is what is beautiful about this idea it’s gigantic pact with people all around the world to make this world a better place for all of us.

No matter what your reasons are if you want to help because you enjoy it or because you want live in the world where you will be helped when needed. Do it. Help. It’s totally worthy.

But don’t just give, teach. That’s the best gift you can give.

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