Nobody can ever give you anything

This is so far my biggest revelation I have made so far. This was holding me back from experiencing my life to the fullest for so long. The idea that anything that matters in your life can be given to you by somebody else is totally false. Yes, you can be given physical things. But physical things are not what truly matters in life. It is not something that will make you truly happy. Ever. if you are experiencing unhappiness as a state. You are the only person in the world who can fix it. Nobody else.

We want somebody to love us so we can love ourselves. As if the only way we are lovable is when somebody else approves it. No only you are the one who can ever approve yourself of being worthy of love, happiness, anything.

We want people to accept us so we can accept ourselves. We want people to respect us so we can respect ourselves. We want people to care for us so we feel like we deserve to be cared for. That is not how it works. You have to accept yourself for people to accept you.  You have to care for yourself for people to care for you. And you have to respect yourself for people to respect you. You have to love yourself for people to love you.

Be truly happy and people will naturally look for your presence.

Nothing that truly matters can be given to you by anybody.

Be a person who is easy to get along with, who loves himself, who respect himself, how cares for himself and accept himself as he is and people who think the same about themselves will come and be happy to join you.

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