Take your life back into your hands


Sometimes, we all wonder what is it about and why we are here.

But these ultimately unimportant questions are a lot more often replaced by the ultimate questions of the highest importance…

How to be happy?

How to live my life to fullest?

How to be like 5-year-old kid kind of happy? ūüėÄ

How to laugh, smile and enjoy our time no matter where we are, no matter what we are doing?

And these ultimate questions are the ones that I am going to answer for you in this very blog.

I will address everything necessary to understand to fill your life with pure joy about your existence.

But before I start with various topics connected to this matter I need to explain to you one important thing…and that is happiness is a natural state in the life of a human being. Always remember this. So my job here is not to teach you any new things to achieve happiness. My only job is to remove all the junk in your head you acquired¬†in your life which is preventing from experiencing¬†life as the most beautiful experience.

Now. Another thing I need to stress out is… literary in many situations¬†in our life we are not in control. There are many¬†forces out there in this world, which can slowly steal the ability to be happy with your life and the only thing to do to prevent this is to know about these forces. So I am going to teach you all I know about forces affecting us on day to day basis.

And finally, thanks to these forces we become less and less in control of our lives until we have no power to control our lives at all. And this is what is it all about.

It is about taking your life back into your hands.


No excuses.


To help you take your life back to your hands I actually need to address a variety of topics, amongst which you can find:

  1. Love’n’respect for yourself
  2. Take full responsibility for your life Рquit the blame game and victim mindset
  3. Believing in yourself/Limiting beliefs
  4. Finding your Passion and Purpose
  5. Discipline – reach out to your dreams
  6. Diet/Nutrition
  7. Escape life in Fear – be willing to die for your freedom mindset
  8. Social skills and power of having a voice
  9. Immunity boosting Рbreathing exercises and cold showers
  10. Financial literacy Рlearn to play the monopoly of life
  11. Neuroplasticity of the brain – you have really no idea about your true potential
  12. Get rid of all of your addiction – also how to spot them and analyze them
  13. Assertiveness and polite manors
  14. Golden Rule Number One: Do not take life seriously!
  15. Only Life Principle you ever need to stop limiting yourself
  16. The science of human behaviour – social conditioning
  18. Happiness as calmness vs. Dopamine addictions
  19. Method of scientific proof
  20. Theory of evolution
  21. Nobody can give you anything
  22. Nothing last forever and why don’t¬†even want that to be the case
  23. Moral values
  24. The human body and its reaction to energies/vibes
  25. From competition to cooperation
  26. Don’t¬†waste your energy on things you cannot control
  27. Having a positive vibe and how to share it
  28. Basic emotions and what they are for
  29. Simplistic truths vs. Laws of the universe
  30. Painful Truths vs. Beautiful Lies
  31. Anxiety caused by lack of money
  32. Love vs. Companionship
  33. How to actually help people
  34. Accept Death
  35. Communication problems – language inaccuracy
  36. Cause and Effect – Causality Law
  37. Information Overload
  38. Survival vs. Fun mentality
  39. Be yourself concept vs Concept of Dynamic Personality
  40. Empty the bucket – Open your mind
  41. Knowledge – practical implications as its purpose
  42. Living in the Present vs Understanding the value of Past and Future
  43. Sacred sexuality and no-fap
  44. Fakeness vs Reinforced Positivity with a planet-scale butterfly effect

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