Consequences of not choosing a path in life

In my life, I like to ask people following question: “What is it that you really want?”

And the most people I have asked had absolutely no idea about what their answer is. This really got me by surprise. I was amazed and shocked.

Why people don’t care about finding their desires and dreams?

Do I know something they don’t?

If yes, what is it?

So why is it so important to have goals in life, you ask?

Let’s have a look at this.


In life, there are two kinds of people.

Reactive and Proactive.

These are two options for each person on this planet.

Proactive mindset means you are in charge and in control of your life. It means you have a goal or a vision.

The opposite is the reactive mindset. It means you react to proactivity of others.

Imagine the idea of reactivity as a person on a boat on a sea not using paddles just sailing into the wind. It doesn’t matter where you want to go you will only go where the wind takes you.

On the other hand, proactivity is a person on a boat which has decided where his destination is so he proactively grabs the paddles pulls out his compass and work his way towards his goal destination.

You can imagine possible destinations as islands. Each island is different. One is beautiful full of sandy beaches and polite people. Others are dangerous and hostile.

Now. A person with reactive mindset didn’t set his destination so he has no idea where he is going and where is he going to end up. He might get to a beachy island if he’s lucky but he might get to the island of cannibals as well.

He doesn’t know and doesn’t care until it’s too late.

Proactive people are mostly influencers and creators, very rarely being influenced.

Reactive people are mostly being influenced and very rarely influencers or creators.

So even though sometimes proactivity needs to fight a bit of wind resistance, it is only avoidance of the inevitable. Wind can make their trip longer but holding the course will still make a boat going the right way.

If we take all intentions of proactive people in the world they create this ultimate flow of intentions. This flow of intentions in our analogy is the wind. Controlled and manifested by proactive effort.

Not doing anything and missing goals in life is also a decision and it will have its consequences.

Either follow your dreams or you will help to make somebody else’s dreams come true. These are your two options as a human being.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to help make somebody else’s dreams come true if you proactively choose it.

This is why it is so important to find out what you want. You can never reach your destination if you don’t know what your destination is.

I understand that sometimes it is really hard to believe that we can actually do it, to reach our dreams. That is very common limiting belief and gap in the confidence of many people.

But are we so afraid of failure that we are not willing to even try? Not once?

Can you go through your whole life knowing that you haven’t even tried to pursue your dreams? On your deathbed would you be able to forgive yourself for acting out of fear in your life? Does this decision you are making right now make sense to you? If yes, everything is fine, even this is one of your options as many around the world live by this choice.

You can go on with your life not knowing what kind of love and passion lies within your heart.

I want you to keep in mind if do not make and actual effort to find out, it is not very likely it will reveal itself.

To truly find a passion in our hearts it is really important to experiment. Try out new things whenever possible. A lot of things could be a little boring in the beginning but amazingly enjoyable after a little bit of practice. So don’t give up. Think. Give yourself an actual time to think about what could it be. Try and practice.

My recommendation is to give yourself at least an hour a day devoted purely to trying to figure out your goals and passions. Trying out new thing and learning new skills is also an important part of this journey. Make sure that you practice each new skill at least month or so before you move to another one.

No matter what you do, the decision is yours. But remember being reactive is also a decision :-).

I wish you all the best on your journey to find your path but most importantly enjoy yourselves.




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