Structure of the blog

These are all the topics which I will be addressing in this blog to create an ultimate bigger picture about the universe and us as part of it.

Clarification of life to the bone

1. Creation of the Universe

2. Theory of Evolution, Who are we? Where did we come from?

3. Knowledge – the purpose of it

4. Scientific Method – where the knowledge comes from?

5. Causality Law

6. Simplistic Truths vs. Laws of the Universe

Human Science

1. Neuroplasticity

2. Science of human behaviour

3. Happiness vs Calmness

4. Basic Emotions and what they are for

5. Information overload


1. Finding your passion and purpose

2. Love vs. Companionship

3. Discipline

Escape the dark side

1. Quit the blame game and take responsibility

2. Get rid of your addictions

3. Escape life in fear

4. Financial literacy

Mental fortitude

1. Love and Respect yourself

2. Believing in yourself

3. Golden Rule – do not take life seriously

4. Only principle you ever need

5. Nobody can give you anything

6. Nothing lasts forever

7. Don’t waste your energy on things you cannot control

8. Having a positive vibe and how to share it

9. Be yourself vs dynamic personality concept

10. Empty the bucket – open your mind

11. Fakeness vs Reinforced positivity

12. Assertiveness and polite manors

13. Moral Values

14. Painful truths vs. Beautiful lies

15. Accept death

16. Survival vs Fun mentality

17. Living in the present

Physical Improvements

1. Diet/Nutrition

2. Immunity boosting – breathing exercises and cold showers

3. Sexuality and Nofap